Want to Completely Get Rid of Trees on Your Property?

We're your local Pattison and Katy, TX professional stump grinding company

Do you have large unwanted trees on your property? Are you looking to get the entire tree removed from your property? It's easy to cut down trees, but you want to make sure you hire a professional that can completely remove the entire tree from your Pattison or Katy, TX land.

As a homeowner you want to make sure you are protecting your investment. If tree stumps are not properly and completely removed it can cause a host of problems for your investment down the line. If you are in need of stump grinding services in Pattison or Katy, TX you have come to the right place.

We have a knowledgeable team with the experience you want to completely remove unsightly tree stumps from your property. Give the stump grinding experts at Byron Bruess Tree Services today at 281-578-8733.

Experienced stump grinding services in Pattison and Katy, TX

Experienced stump grinding services in Pattison and Katy, TX

While many homeowners feel comfortable removing trees from their property, it is highly advised to work with a reputable tree removal company. While many local companies claim to be "tree experts," few companies have the training, experience and the specialized tools to completely remove tree stumps effectively.

When a tree is cut down and the stump is left behind there are normally a few inches of stump visible to the eye. However, these stumps have extensive root systems that can only be removed by trained tree removal professionals with the tools to get the job done right the first time. Our team of professional stump grinders can:

  • Grind any size stump
  • Grind to a standard depth of 6" - 8" to allow for growth, turf or ground cover
  • Grind deeper than other "tree experts" to allow for future planting
  • Easily maneuver around flowerbeds, swimming pools, other trees and driveways

The professional team of stump grinders at Bruess Tree Services won't leave your yard a mess. We'll cover the hole and level the ground once we're done. Give us a call today at 281-578-8733 to schedule stump grinding services in Pattison or Katy, TX.