Tree Services, Katy, TX

Palm Tree Care

Why Use Byron Bruess Tree Services for My Palm Maintenance?

At Byron Bruess Tree Services we have been custom pruning palms throughout Katy, Pattison, and surrounding cities for 20 years. We want to make sure your palms are esthetically and architecturally beautiful.

Call us today for a quote on your palms. We'll ensure your palm trees are growing to their full potential, and always healthy. We can set you up with annual palm tree service. Whether you just want the fronds removed or you want us to go over the entire tree, we can provide a variety of services, and we can work within your budget.

Why trim my palms?

Removing any dead or dying fronds not only prevents physical damage, it also eliminates nesting places for rats, scorpions, bats and other pests. Another good reason to start trimming a palm tree is when it has become a fire hazard or visual barrier in your yard. If it blocks the views from your driveway or sidewalk, you'll have to have your palm tree pruned. If your palm is dropping fruiting bodies, causing a mess - it's time to have it trimmed. Byron Bruess Tree Service is your one-stop-shop for all palm tree maintenance needs. Give us a call today!